kellyjoy Flowers aka Jelly Kelly

If you care to know who is under that big red nose then please be nosey & read on. I am a mum, maybe like you or maybe not. I had my family when I was young & before I knew much about the world. 

I was a teen mum, which means now in my 40’s my brood of 4 have grown and flown the nest. OUCH! That empty nest Feeling is uncomfortable. Yet was a fierce driver to make my own incredible dreams a reality. Being a mum has been everything to me, whilst my adult children flew the nest there where many times I felt sad. I painted & poured my love of life into my business Perth Party Time & home renovation, which is now my second business and called Jellybean Manor Fairytale Retreat.

My weekends have been filled with children’s parties and entertaining for a good many years now. My dream came true with lots of hard work and determination. Sadly, Im not so young anymore but with a humble heart, I can say I do know a little more these days. The things I have knowledge on & everything that I love are the same. I am a Full time  Artist, Performer, Comedian, Mother & wife to the sweet calm Mr Glennybean. I have a talent for amplifying laughter & joy in children.

I do my best to lead by example & show my adult children dreams can come true if you work hard & be kind.

I am Jelly Kelly

Kellyjoy Flowers does a happy dance

How, why, when & what on earth!…
Once upon a time a creative playful mum with an ADHD brain sat on her bed with her 4 little kids. It was a regular day if moving from one side of the world to the other is how you role! I am brave & to prove this I emigrated with my 4 children alone in 2012.

6 months into my new Australian life, I heard my chatterbox mind proclaim
” Jelly Kelly & the Muffins”. Sadly I continued with my chores & the dream wasn’t to become tangible until I was in a right pickle years later.

House bound & a full-time carer for my eldest son whom had become chronically unwell. I decided to put shape & substance to that daydream & I wrote my first show.

I was broken hearted & often fell apart. Mothering is tough, mothering an autistic son with a diagnosis of treatment resistant schizophrenia is indescribably challenging & painful.

I turned that pain into love, light & laughter & In 2017 I hosted my first party. The mums gave me a gold star & I Selfishly excepted every hug that was on offer.

It’s been & continues to be a magnificent journey of unbelievable joy. Becoming Jelly Kelly has changed my life & saved my life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.
Kellyjoy Flowers xoxo