Jelly Kelly the face of kids WA & Australia

Are you in search of a BIG personality to hold the attention of a large group? Jelly Kelly is the Festival kids MC  & performer for you. A first class entertainer and the official winner of WA’s best Entertainer this clown will have everyone in stitches. Jelly Kelly is a professional presenter & MC. Jelly has Entertained at many of WA’s regional festivals & shows, including the Channel 7 Mandurah Crab fest kids stage. Over 100,000 people attended & the crowd went wild. 

Live stage shows & more

Jelly Kelly is no stranger to  family fun days. If your business is planning a corporate family event for Christmas or any celebration please contact the Jelly Team for a quote. We are experts in kids entertainment, childrens magic shows and all things fun.

We love festivals! Jelly Kelly is the perfect host for the Kids stage and MC roll. Here is a quick guide to what we have on offer for our corporate customers & festival friends.

Live stage shows 
The Smash Hits Party
Tragic Magic Show
Roving & Crowd Entertainment 
Meet & Greet
MC Jelly Kelly
Ready Staedy Pie – Fundraiser Show 
DJ Disco Dance Show
The Double Bubble Show
Jelly’s Bing Disco Family Time
Jelly Kelly’s Clown Workshop 

Our Live Shows are BIG Crowd pleasers and loved by all ages. Checkout The Tragic Magic Pantomime Show!

Amazing Reviews
Family Daycare Australia

& the crowd goes wild ...

 Heart Kids NFP
Heart Kids NFP
Shelley Ure
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 Family Daycare Australia
Family Daycare Australia
Matt Asmanas
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Our organisation recently worked with Jelly Kelly on our community event in WA. Jelly Kelly and her team were fantastic and engaging, keeping all the children and grown ups entertained. I would highly recommend Jelly Kelly and her team to anyone wanting a fun filled day.
Channel 7 Team
Channel 7 Team
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Firstly let me say, we were AMAZED with you this weekend, you certainly know how to capture an audience and I have had so much fabulous feedback from both performers, staff and attendees. I hope you enjoyed working with us and had a great weekend to, everyone at the Crab Fest loved you.

Carnarvon Solar Eclipse Festival

Testimonial - Stephanie Leca Community Cultural Development Manager

Jelly Kelly has graced the Shire of Carnarvon with her incredible energy and captivating performances not once, but twice now for our school holiday program, and she never fails to impress. Her ability to engage and entertain children is remarkable, making her an absolute favourite among our young residents.

Jelly Kelly’s unique approach to entertainment ensures that every child is fully immersed in the fun. Her infectious laughter and vibrant personality create an atmosphere of joy and excitement that is simply contagious. From the moment she steps on stage, the children are captivated by her antics and can’t help but participate in her interactive activities.
Jelly Kelly’s performances are filled with laughter, music, and games that keep the children thoroughly entertained from start to finish. She effortlessly connects with each child, making them feel special and included. Her ability to adapt to different age groups and create age-appropriate content is commendable.Not only does Jelly Kelly provide endless entertainment, but she also promotes important values such as teamwork, kindness, and creativity. Through engaging storytelling and interactive games, she inspires the children to use their imagination and work together.

Available Entertainment Options listed below:

The Smash Hits Live Stage Party - MC Jelly Kelly will get the crowd pumped with her big energy & fun nature. Dancing Singing & crowd Activities

The Tragic Magic Show - Pantomime comedy at its finest with the worlds most mischievous assistant, big gags AMAZING tricks always a great time.

Roving & Crowd Entertainment - let Jelly Kelly & co bring the goods & share the fun, there is something perfect for everyone!

Jelly Kelly'S Clown Circus Workshop - Clown Training & fun activities

Jelly Kelly TV Meet & Greet - COMING SOON

MC Jelly Kelly - Do you need an MC for your Event?

Ready Steady Pie - A Fundraiser Extravaganza & THE SWEETEST SHOW IN TOWN.

Jelly's Family Bingo Disco - This Event is pure all about family time

DJ Disco Dance Parties - BIG KIDS & TEENS

The Double Bubble Show - Giant Bubbles Show & Childrens Bubble Play