Hilarious Pantomine Show

That cheeky Clown is up to mischeive again. Poor Count Glennybean the Magician, its going to be TRAGIC MAGIC for sure!

Have you ever experienced the  excitement of a pantomime stage show before? well here is your chance.This Magic Show is unique in each and every way. Poor Count Glennybean the world famous Magician is having a really difficult time with his cheeky assistant, all he wants to do is show off some magic but the mischievous and somewhat naughty Jelly Kelly has other ideas. Always up to no good and always up for big laughs, Jelly Kelly and Count Glennybean will take you on a pantomime adventure. We have heaps of amazing magic and tons of very silly antics in this great childrens and family stage magic show. This show is perfect for schools, Hotels, and corporate events. 

Suitable for Humans 4+

The Tragic Magic Show … is not your average children’s magic show . We have found that many magic shows and magicians can sometimes be boring for children and young children can struggle to sit in one place for to long.
However even the grown-ups will be entertained and be smiling for ear to ear.

Experience the truly silly antics of  Count Glennybean the world famous magician  and his very cheeky and at times mischievous assistant ” Jelly Kelly the clown”.

The show is not only full of lots of Magic tricks but also highlights the very accident prone clumsiness of Count Glennybeans  assistant Jelly Kelly the Clown. Everyone will enjoy  “The Wonderfully Weird Magician Count Glennybean” and his disastrous Magical tricks and their slap stick calamities. 

What makes us different from other children’s magicians is our BIG Energy, Jelly Kelly is Officially WA,s Best childrens Entertainer as voted by the people. We are so excited and proud to be called Perths biggest children’s comedy act. Please prepare for the children to go wild with joy, laughter and excitement. Children all across WA have loved this show, including some of Perths largest events like the Channel 7 Crab Fest.

If your looking for a fantastic Children’s Magic show like no other, then look no further. We want your kids birthday party to be incredible in every way. 

Please note this production is better suited for indoors


What to expect on the day…..
Jelly Kelly and Mr Glennybean the Great arrive 60 minutes before the show is to begin. Building the set is a time consuming business, and boy oh boy do we have an impressive set!.
We ask kindly for 2 important things from you…
1) A suitable space
2) There are not too many children with us whilst we build the set and stage. The props and equipment are very expensive and some are fragile. Your Entertainment will last for 1.5 hours and includes a stage magic show performance plus a Giant Bubble Show where your child is the star and they make there very own Birthday Giant Bubbles. We are BIG Energy performers and we host BIG energy games and activities. We love to be part of singing happy birthday and then it’s time to pack away. In total we are with you for 3 hours, we are a 2 person team.
Cost $750
This is a 5⭐️ Production with tons of fancy equipment and hundreds of reviews. ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


WA Children's Entertainment Awards


WA Best Entertainer - Peoples Choice

WA Best Entertainer - Judges Choice

WA's Leader in The Entertainment Industry

Thank You to the hundreds of Customers who made the effort to vote for us. We promise to keep up the good work and continue to maintain the high standards in Children’s entertainment.