Hey, im Jelly Kelly & I have a gift for the world

Jelly Kelly is the Offical winner of WA's Best Entertainer

I’ve met hundreds of thousands of beautiful  children over the years when entertaining at childrens birthday parties, festivals & community events.  Im the face of kids WA & Australia. YES, its offical im WA’s BEST KIDS ENTERTAINER. As chosen by the parents and teachers of WA.  I love performing, Entertaining & MCing all children’s events and parties. Im a comedy act with BIG Energy and a huge heart. Here are some of those WA festivals I have been privileged to be part of …
Channel 7’s Mandurah Crab Fest
The Solar Eclipse Festival – Carnarvon
Fenacing Festival – Karratha
Kalgoorlie Show

Now Let’s keep it really simple, because events are meant to be FUN…

Here is a list of my amazing services 
– MC Jelly Kelly ~ Festivals & More
– Childrens DJ & Discos ~ For all kids Dance Parties, community events & Festivals
– The Smash Hits Live Stage Party
– Live Pantomime Magic Show
– Childrens Birthday Party Entertainment  
– Pie Face Charity Fundraiser Show  
– Jelly’s Family Fun Bingo Disco
– Toddle & Baby  Birthday Parties
– Giant Bubble Shows
– Roving Entertainment with Games & Activities
– The Jelly Kelly & the Muffins show Circus Workshop

I tour Perth, WA & Australia sharing my magic.

Please follow these simple steps to work with me…

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  • Choose a Jelly Kelly themed Outfit – Australian Animals, Dinosaur, Rainbow, Nature & Bugs, Tropical, Pastel, Lollipop, Space, Circus. All your favourite themes  available

Featured on ABC Radio & MC of the Channel 7 Crab Fest & the face of kids WA & Australia

Jelly Kelly Big Energy Entertainer


We are pleased to announced Jelly Kelly won WA best Entertainer at the What’s on for Kids Awards for Western Australia. The peoples choice.

As well as Winning leader in her Industry AWARD 

Hundreds of happy parents & teachers voted for Jelly Kelly. Thank you for all your support & love, i promise to keep putting on a jolly good show.

This is the offical happy place for events BIG, Small & in-between. Look no further, if you need an MC or presenter for your festival or community event I have all the ingredients for a Magnificently Mind – Blowing & slightly Mischievous time.

It’s not easy being a leader. Every party, event, occasion is special. I show up, show off, & serve in my uniquely meaningful way. This has become the blueprint for my success. Working with me is easy. My moto for anyone planning an event is, keep it simple BOOK ME FOR FUN VIBES.

always ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ service

Jelly Kelly is the Party Queen of Perth & the Only clown in Town, if you are looking for a BIG Energy Comedy Kids Birthday Party Look no further.

Jelly Kelly is WA’s number 1 kids MC & Entertainer. If you need a live performer & act for any event BIG or small, we do it all.

Yes we Tour Regional WA & Australia. We have a variety of packages to fit your communities needs & budget.

We have a huge spectacular array of shows, performances & ways to entertain your community. Jelly Kelly is the offical WINNER of WA’s Best Enteartainer Awards, 

FUN fact about Jelly Kelly’s Fans, they love to sing and dance. Jelly Kelly is WA’S Biggest and Best kids performer and Entertainer, this fun Live Stage Extravaganza is Amazing, as voted by the Channel 7 Crab Fest Mandurah. This performance bursts with all the kids favourite songs and the tunes they know and love.  Kids and the grown ups cant help but go wild, everyone loves MC Jelly Kelly’s crazy dance routines. Come on let’s sing and dance, play and jump the night away. This live stage performance is perfect for Festivals and BIG Events, Hotels and corporate clients love our work. 

Suitable for Humans 0~100


Have you ever experienced the  excitement of a pantomime stage show before? well here is your chance.This Magic Show is unique in each and every way. Poor Count Glennybean the world famous Magician is having a really difficult time with his cheeky assistant, all he wants to do is show off some magic but the mischievous and somewhat naughty Jelly Kelly has other ideas. Always up to no good and always up for big laughs, Jelly Kelly and Count Glennybean will take you on a pantomime adventure. We have heaps of amazing magic and tons of very silly antics in this great childrens and family stage magic show. This show is perfect for schools, Hotels, and corporate events. 

Suitable for Humans 4+


This Quality Community Event is perfect for Every venue & Crowd. Jelly Kelly is the Professional MC Comedy act with all the gags & moves, lets create an Amazing Family Friendly Event Together.Keep an eye out on our socials for up coming family fun events throughout Perth & the local Community. We travel & tour across Regional WA & wider Australia. If you are looking for a family friendly fundraiser or corporate event then family Bingo Disco is for you. 
This event is perfect for …
Corporate Events
Community Gatherings
Charity Fundraisers

Are you a charity, Community Fundraiser, business or a School looking for a new & Fun way to raise money for your cause.
Ready Steady Pie is the sweetest show in town.This signature show is as per always, hilarious. From start to finish Jelly Kelly Is a BIG Energy performer & captivates the audience with her  mischievous madness & kids comedy that is so well known & loved. Jelly Kelly gets to work in her magic kitchen baking PIE.

Here's why you should invite me to MC & Entertain at your Festival, birthday party or Community event

Winner of Hearts

I am so very unique & different, & yet people take the time to shower me with reviews, love & amazing feedback. Grab a cuppa, get comfy & Checkout those reviews there are hundreds. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Professional Service

10 minutes early is on time. Silly and fun yes, passionate & devoted always. I am a BIG bubbly entertainer, from the moment I arrive your children will be hooked on my energy.

Values & value

I bring thousands of $$$ worth of goodies to every party my truck is full & so is my heart. I love life, children and having fun. Laughter should be a daily practice.

Watch Jelly Kelly in action. Officially WA's Best kids Entertainer. Children's parties & events are magical you can't help but Feel the Energy & love

Rave reviews from customers fans & seriously happy humans

Carnarvon Solar Eclipse Festival

Testimonial - Stephanie Leca Community Cultural Development Manager

Jelly Kelly has graced the Shire of Carnarvon with her incredible energy and captivating performances not once, but twice now for our school holiday program, and she never fails to impress. Her ability to engage and entertain children is remarkable, making her an absolute favourite among our young residents.Jelly Kelly’s unique approach to entertainment ensures that every child is fully immersed in the fun. Her infectious laughter and vibrant personality create an atmosphere of joy and excitement that is simply contagious. From the moment she steps on stage, the children are captivated by her antics and can’t help but participate in her interactive activities.Jelly Kelly’s performances are filled with laughter, music, and games that keep the children thoroughly entertained from start to finish. She effortlessly connects with each child, making them feel special and included. Her ability to adapt to different age groups and create age-appropriate content is commendable.Not only does Jelly Kelly provide endless entertainment, but she also promotes important values such as teamwork, kindness, and creativity. Through engaging storytelling and interactive games, she inspires the children to use their imagination and work together.