the Sweetest Show in Town

Raising Money for Charity has never been so much Fun!

The Show - Ready Steady Pie

This signature show is as per always, hilarious. From start to finish Jelly Kelly Is a BIG Energy performer & captivates the audience with her  mischievous madness & kids comedy that is so well known & loved. Jelly Kelly gets to work in her magic kitchen baking PIE. If you expect things to be straight forward then you don’t know Jelly. This is a live kids show with audience participation. We are experts in kids comedy & live shows.

Ready Steady Pie is my way of saying “I love you” it’s all about community, fundraising & giving back. You choose where the donations go, whilst I  make fundraising FUN.

We work with fun teachers, employees & team members who are brave enough to nominate themselves to be pied. Children & colleagues donate a gold coin to see their favourite human wear pie.  We encourage you to start the donation process a week before the show. On the day of the Ready Steady Pie show we will announce the winner of Jelly’s delicious Pie. Eventually your Nominee enters & this human bean is always celebrated. with cheers of excitement & enthusiasm. Themes throughout our shows are always similar, Love, Praise & Giggles. The Nominee is the Hero or Heroine of the story & their reward for being so spectacular, brave & delicious is PIE. 

ready steady pie

Why Pie?

Are you a Not For Profit or Charity? Is your school, business or organisation having a fundraiser? Then this is for you.  Nominees are cherished, courageous humans. who are up for a laugh. We do not do surprise pies, it’s all about “feel good fun” Whilst raising money for your chosen organisation. The pied person can be a Teacher, Boss, Parent but have no doubt they are a Hero! The fundraising process is simple those who would love to see the hero wear pie donate a gold coin or donation of their choice to the agreed charity. 

Pie Face

Have Fun

Life can be way too serious & we want to be the bringers of joy. Please understand this activity is about LOVE. We are humble creatures serving our community in meaningful ways. If you are a BIG Bossy Boss or Team member & you are nominated, please understand you are going to be made a fuss of for your bravery & participation. Jelly is the only Clown in Town in our minds you are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

What to do

  1. Make contact with our friendly team & Book a Date.
  2. Choose your Nominee.
  3. If you are a school Jelly is happy to swing by a week before the big day & spread the word. Lets get fundraising!
  4. On the big day if you are a school Jelly Kelly will perform her  Ready Steady Pie show. A 30 minute stage show Our set takes 60 minutes to build.
  5. Business & Corporate friends, lets chat. We have some great ways to make this an uplifting celebration for you & your team.